RKBA Mobile Video Game

This is our sister company Tethys Interactive’s first major release in 2012. This small game was released on Android, iPhone and the web via the Unity3d webplayer.  The game was described as Happy Bird meets Breakout in regards to its features and gameplay which combined some of their game mechanics to create a new, unique experience.

Robot Kitten Balloon Assault

Game development division of Media Outbreak, Tethys Interactive created this fun mobile game for all ages in 2012.

Robot Kitten Balloon Assault Game: OFF MARKET


Create a fun mobile game that featured old school classic game mechanics combined with new trendy game mechanics in order to create a unique experience and marketable game that captured a certain demographic of player. We created lots of custom artwork for the game that combines multiple technologies to achieve the desired results.

Technology Used

  • Unity Game Engine
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Android SDK
  • Mac OS Mobile SDK
  • Maya