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Our Process

  • Conception

    So You have an awesome idea? Here’s is where it all starts at the conception phase.  Bring us your idea, and we will figure out how best to deliver it within budget and time!

  • Wireframing

    Before we take a project in to full production, sometimes it’s necessary to flesh out the idea or get client approval before starting the next phase.  This helps us & the client in seeing it in a “test mode” allowing us to refine the idea further.

  • Design

    Here is where the final design is developed and any feedback from the last phase is used to improve the design.  Everyone will have a perfect idea of what to expect due to the initial phases.

  • Development

    This is the technical side of the design in that it makes everything work.  This is code, this all the fun stuff behind the scenes.  This can usually go in tandem with design work.

  • Marketing

    After your product (website, app, VR game, etc) is ready to launch, so is the big launch marketing push.  You’ve already been building buzz and an audience, now you ready to go before the big day!