Astral Terra for PC

Video game for PC on the Steam marketplace developed by us under another company, Tethys Interactive. We did crowdfunding and also Greenlit the game on Steam during the Indie game rush. This game was the first to feature smooth voxel technology which replicated the functionality of minecrafts procedural worlds but removed the limitation of creating it from blocks and instead featured realistic like fantasy worlds featuring all the next gen eye candy and shader tech many modern commercial games had at the time had.

Tethys Interactive

Our sister interactive branch of Media Outbreak that created video games. We have since consolidated both companies into one.

Astral Terra Website: DOWN


Create a next gen indie game that capitalized on the Minecraft and survival game rush while bringing new, innovative tech to bear that created a unique experience and a first at the time(smooth voxel tech). We created branding, story, characters, environments and most of the programming for the game all from scratch with a team of 3 and a few contractors. Unity game engine was used to build the game as well as several plugins. We also helped finance and direct the development of the Terrain Engine smooth voxel world creation system used in this and several other video games. Media Outbreak handled the website, branding and graphics, videos and teasers, art direction, all UI design, environment and biome development, 3d modeling and texture/shader work, audio production, interactive programming including AI development and game mechanics, 3d and character animation/rigging.

Technology Used

  • Unity 3d Engine
  • Terrain Engine smooth voxel engine
  • Photoshop
  • Maya
  • Several Unity plugins(networking, behaviour trees, lens effects, etc.)
  • After Effects